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@The Brick Head Office My fridge died in May I called the Brick because I had an extended warranty with them. It took 3 weeks for them to tell me they were not going to fix it because it was a lemon. They told me they would replace it. That was a lie. Apparently this model is no longer made so they said I could have the model up but would have to pay the difference which is basically what I originally paid for the fridge. After getting nowhere arguing with them I agreed to pay the difference. After I did that they then informed me I would not get my new fridge until 2021. Apparently they are made in Mexico and the plant is closed due to Covid. So I complained that I could not go until next year without a fridge. They refused to give me a loaner and instead gave me a mini fridge which arrived today and is supposed to hold me over until next year. How can this be called service?
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@Pennington's i was at penningtons trying to exchange pants when i inquired about the change rooms being closed, the manager after trying to have a conversation the manager got angry and a tarted raising her voice at me from across the store it was the most embarrassing awful in store experience i have ever had
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@The Brick Head Office , i purchased couple of appliances on the 5th of June and i asked those to be delivered on the 7th of July to our new 众盈彩票下载. More than one month now and we have not received our appliances. Despite, we have contacted bricks customer service, to let them know that we have 2 babies and the fridge is essential as we have to keep there milk but no one has provided a resolution. As today's date the fridge or a solution was not delievered by bricks. This is inhumane. 2 innocent babies have to suffer because of Bricks.
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@Green Leaf Air At Green Leaf Air we using only the most advanced cutting-edge equipment and tools available in the industry, Senica's qualified team of technicians perform exhaustive diagnostic assessments, high-performance installations, reliable repair and preventative maintenance to all types of HVAC appliances.
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众盈彩票官网River City Golf Carts
@River City Golf Carts RCGC is a locally owned, grown, and operated business serving the needs of golf cart customers in Tappahannock, Northern Neck Virginia, and beyond. Ours is a journey that begins almost 25 years ago when Tom Minters started what was then Minters Golf Cart Sales.
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@Higgason Construction Higgason Construction is a fully licensed and bonded general contractor and we are proud to provide a range of 众盈彩票下载 remodeling services to residents of Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Kirkland, and the surrounding areas.
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@Frigidaire - Electrolux Headquarters I understand we are having a global issue. So I understand delays. However, I have been without a fridge since June 2, 众盈彩票app. I placed an order for a part to fix my fridge. It showed stocked in the warehouse. I was told 3-5 business days for delivery but I understand a reasonable delay in shipment. It is now June 24, 众盈彩票app. I have not received my item. I have called 4 times trying to find out where it is and why it hasn't shipped. Today I was told it is a manufacturer issue. Ii call B.S. It shows that it is in stock in the warehouse!!! WHERE IS MY PART!!! Order# 14169514
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@The Brick Head Office Completely ripped off. I bought a dishwasher with the extended warranty 5 years ago. I have had problems with it ever since. The Brick has attempted to repair it several times while making matters worse. Different repair people come in and do more damage to the dishwasher. It's now crooked, leaks and doesn't work. The last time I contacted them I said verbatim "The warranty is about to expire on this thing, you want to fix it again and that means it won't work in 2 months conveniently when I'm outside of my warranty. I need a better solution than just fixing it. Well, in came the repair guy. 2 months later and 1 month outside of the warranty the dishwasher doesn't work. I asked for a replacement because I didn't trust you guys and I was right. "There's Nothing We can do, it's out of warranty". So when I was in warranty I predicted exactly what your scam would be and of course it happened. Take responsibility!
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@Walmart Supercenter I accompanied a family member who's special needs (MR) to the Walmart on Clinton Hwy in Knoxville during the holiday season. She wanted to get her money back on a layaway. She had $42 on the layaway and they gave her only $2 back. They told her it was policy afterwards (they didn't mention beforehand that she would only get $2 back if she canceled). She was understandably distraught, even crying. But what made us both feel outright disrespected was that the employees, after only giving her $2 back of her $42 layaway and making her cry, laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. I haven't been able to get over what happened, to the point that I can't in good conscience shop at Walmart.
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@Atlas Safe Rooms Oklahoma City Showroom Atlas Safe Rooms manufactures, sells and installs steel panel, modular, above-ground storm shelters in Southwest Missouri, Northeast Oklahoma, Southwest Kansas, and Northwest Arkansas.
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@Smart & Final Extra! Your cashier, Theresa (OP# 40020253) at the Milpitas store (Store # 779) verbally harassed me by yelling at me violently when I asked to use a coupon. She slammed my receipt and embarrassed me in front of other customers. She has ruined my shopping experience greatly. Please respond to the situation promptly.
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@Rogers Headquarters First Rogers doesn't send my bills and now you take away some channels This is how Rogers treats sensors. Rogers should Not be able operation in Canada .
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@Alibaba Group USA
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@EBay Headquarters My account is repeatedly being pulled up for price gouging. I listed some nitrile gloves in bulk (400 pairs) with below average per glove price. Yet ebay repeatedly ends my listings for price gouging. Then they sent a follow up email saying my account is restricted. This happened last month and I sent them an email explaining that their action is not justified because there are thousands of sellers who are selling for higher prices but because the qty they sell is smaller their price appear to be lower but actually I have lower price per unit. I even sent them bunch of listings to prove my point (unfortunately they continue to allow those). One representative even said that they are allowing few authorized sellers to sell essentials due to price gouging. That is not true, because if it is authorized dealer, it says so in the search results. Some of the sellers are from China众盈彩票官网 posing as locals. Today my listing was ended while there are 11000 others allowed to sell.
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@Stanley RV Park in Midland TX Stanley RV Park is an RV park in Midland TX offering lots of free amenities, wide open spaces, and friendly faces. You'll get the most for your money at our RV park in Midland TX. Give us a try today!
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@AliExpress Standard Shipping didn't get full refund even Tho I returned the item
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@Rogers Headquarters Still no response from May 24/20 from Rogers not sending my monthly bills
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@dwell Stadium View Apartments dwell Stadium View offers students living like never before. Created specifically with Texas A&M students in mind, dwell Stadium View provides students with apartments just a short 4-minute drive or 10-minute walk from the heart of campus and everything else the city of College Station has to offer.
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